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Monthly Archive for February, 2009

Special thanks to long-time reader Gamby Hale for her addition cum correction to Caz Dolowicz’s investigative prose poem from yesterday, “Who Killed Al Pastor?” Another question: why the hell did Caz skip the letter X? Fatigue? Forgetfulness? Evasion? I prefer not to speculate although those distraught by the omission can get right with Gamby in […]

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Why and what’s the reason for? Caz Dolowicz speculates. An Albanian pizza man in Astoria? A Boro Park bicylist? A Canarsie courier? A Dominican ecstatic? An Ecuadorian mope? The oldest living Finn in Sunset Park? That guy on the G train who argues we should referĀ  to The Georgia as we do the Gambia or […]

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