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smile!The Music Director serenades: Just when ya’ll thought it was safe to go back into the water, strange things are happening all over again. First, our good friend and recent interviewee, Suzanne Wasserman, will be appearing at the Brooklyn Historical Society tonight and speaking briefly during an evening of film. The BHS is located at 128 Pierrepont St and admission is five clams. I don’t recall the story exactly but I remember the Publisher being a little disappointed this past winter that the BHS did not have a copy of the 1898 Brooklyn Daily Eagle visitor’s lodging guide in their collection. I have no idea why he wanted such a thing but I’m sure he had his reasons. Maybe his paternal great-grandfather had a regular assignation in an Adams Stret rooming house that celebratory autumn? Brooklyn genealogists want to know!

For certain, however, is the fact that Brian Berger has been moonlighting— as a music writer of all things. See Berger’s review of Stephen Calt’s biography of bluesman Skip James over at WFMU’s mighty Beware of the Blog, and thank the other Music Director (Brian Turner not Putney Swope) while ya’ll are  there.

Lastly, they used to call it Berger Beach but sometime in the late 1960s the ever modest Publisher claimed a patch of the Rockaway peninsula instead, allowing the Kings County kids to call the Brooklyn side of Jamaica Bay something else. Read all about it over at Forgotten New York, where Berger gave his people, soul people, the Vermont Street story & so much more in “Welcome To The East: Forgotten Highland Park.” Viaduct & cover!


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