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jewish graffitiby Yenta Gersh If it’s been a while since I wrote about Kevin Walsh, it’s not because either one of us lost the interfaith— I just forgot. But this morning I forgot to remember to forget, and here we are, 22 degrees and sunny. The Rockaway surf report says “flat and poor conditions” so that’s out, even with a drysuit for the 44-47 degree water temperatures. If you miss those lazy hazy crazy days of summer of like Nat King Cole and Lenny Bruce (once together on “Playboy After Dark”) join the man affectionately known as “The Webmaster” as he travels back in time to Jamaichebrew rest homea Hills, Queens. Now I’m more of a Southside guy myself and I can’t remember the bit— oh wait, I can! On the terrific, Hal Willner box set of Lenny, Let The Buyer Beware, there’s a… what? A piece? A cut? It’s not a bit as such but what the hell, let’s call it a bit anyway. So there’s a bit on disc one titled “Censorship on the Steve Allen Show” and I don’t want to ruin it for everyone but Lenny talks about the tattoo he got in Malta in 1942 and… the reaction of his Aunt, on Suthpin Avenue in Jamaica when she saw it. FEH!! (is a Jewish seagull.)

Clarinetist and composer Yenta Gersh, New Utrecht High School class of 1972, grew up in Coney Island and Bensonhurst. He has four tattoos.

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