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Impeach Caroline Kennedy

ave j lessNew York is the biggest goddamn hick town of all. That anyone at any level could entertain the idiocy of a Kennedy Senate appointment— especially when there are… how many other un- or underemployed women in this state who could use a (better) job?  I don’t have an exact number but just hitting the streets in all five boroughs, I’d suggest it’s quite a few. (Of course, this seat “has” to go to a woman, after oh so sophisticated New Yorkers fell for the Hillary Clinton sham: it was a wonderful  Iraq war, I’ll say that; the Patriot Act was even better. Not that Brooklyn-raised Charles Schumer isn’t also loathsome; it just proves the thesis that us Knickerbockers have as piss-poor a recent electoral history as any state in the union, alas.) While none of the following concerned citizens have expressed interest in the position, I believe all of them would contribute more to the Senate than this arrogant witless dilettante, Caroline Kennedy… who is going to do what with her salary and benefits? Which she’ll have earned by doing what, precisely? Oh wait, wait— does Caroline Kennedy need health insurance?!

Queens Crap for Senate!

Greenpointers for Senate!

Found In Brooklyn for Senate!

Angry New Yorker for Senate!

Unknown Avenue J Ladies for Senate! (above left)

Atlantic Yards Report for Senate! (token male candidate)

— Mrs. Manicotti (ASC) is an anarchist, and won’t serve if asked.

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