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thunderbolt triumphasIs Coney Island handball or hoops? Where does Coney fish, and where does it play tennis? How did that African market end up next to a Mexican grocery? What was BZA doing on the terrace in 1982? Wasn’t she scared? Why don’t we read about multi-ethnic Coney Island more often? The Russians and the Jamaicans? The Puerto Rican gardens with plastic vaca grazing? Is that coqui? Hah! Still old folks at the Jewish nursing home. Do any remember when Al Capone really said “Nice ass, honey” at Harvard Inn? Whither Mermaid Variety? Could most writing about Coney Island— or Gowanus— be any… whiter? (Documerica says what?) Is it still “Sexier in Sea Gate”? Was it ever, truly? We don’t read Joseph Heller for accuracy; in fact, we don’t read Joseph Heller at all, he did not remember. (I wish Wallace Markfield was still alive.) Is He Got Gsietsema armsame or Requiem For A Dream a better date movie? And hey! Is WWIB’s Swan the same dude from The Warriors? And how many of those dudes in The Warriors were also extras in The Education of Sonny Carson? More than you think! Another afro deity*: Mr. Mondo in full Sam Fuller Tigrero effect, gone to Coney Island, came back with Amos Wengler and more— second verse! — Beadel Debevoise


*The Music Director explains: Although wearing Mr. Mondo’s tradmark hat here, Rick (aka Ricky) Luanda, writer, director and star of the epic Mondo Manhattan, has, in his other life role as the singer for NYC underground kings, Chain Gang, sported both an amazing mohawk and a wild black Irish afro.

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