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With “Annie Moore” He Was Placed
Under Ban at Bushwick Club Big
Vaudeville Show

Former Judge Samuel D. Morris was a specially invited guest at the Bushwick Club, corner of Bushwick Avenue and Hart street last night, the occasion being a vaudeville performance given to the women friends and relatives of the members. The programme was a specially good one, secured by Samuel S. Whitehouse, mostly from the Orpheum, and included the Two Pucks, Nora Bayes, contralto; A.O. Duncan, ventriloquist; the Dewitts, comedy dancing duo; Judge Green, with stories and recitation; Dooley and Ten Brooke, minstrels; the Zancigs, mind readers, and Harry Bennett, accompanist. The audience was a large one, drawn mainly by the following notice, which was fulfilled in every particular:

An orchestral concert, preceding the show, will start at seven-thirty. After the show all sorts of good things to eat will be served by the steward on the cafe—that is, not exactly on the floor but on the tables on the floor. Also, any one drinking lemonade, orange phosphate or some kind of libation of mild potentiality, may have that desire gratified. In cases of dire distress, and for lifesaving purposes only, stimulating beverages of various potentialities may be obtained from the life-saving committee. Talking and laughing in full measure will be permitted, and singing too, barring “Bill Bailey,” “Annie Moore,” and “My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean.”

There were present among others former Judge Thomas J. Kenna, Mr. and Mrs. John W. Weber, George Straub, Jospeh Falleri, John F. Becker, S.S. Whitehouse, Charles Graham, Gottfried Westernacher, William Batterman, H.F. Scharman, A.E. Richardson, Louis Bossert, A.H. Goettling, Henry Claus, L.G. Mertz, John J. Moran, William W. Butcher and P. Corell, most of them being accompanied by their wives and families. All praised the programme and subsequent lunch. — December 19, 1902 Brooklyn Daily Eagle

Forgotten New York never forgets the pictures! For one of a number of examinations of Bushwick Avenue, let me direct you to “Dr Cook’s Mansion”, although fans of WWIB’s series on Tom McDonough’s brilliant 1981 novel, Virgin With Child (“Now Please Don’t You Cry, Beautiful Bay Ridge”, “Dona Nobis Pacem Rockaway Beach” will be thrilled by webmaster Kevin Walsh’s recent return to the scene of his Catholic Education, Cathedral Prep.

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