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Happy Mashramani to all our readers! Catching up on news from Guyana, I was surprised to learn Florida’s Auto-Tune hook king T-Pain canceled a Mash concert there, citing security reasons; Maxi Priest of London, England and Beenie Man of Kingston, Jamaica will perform instead. While I have mixed feelings about the music of all these dudes, each have had their moments, with none greater than this video of Ladies Night at the then soon-to-close Empire Roller Rink, with Beenie Man’s “King Of The Danchall” the soundtrack. Ya’ll gotta go back to Jim Dwyer  writing about JA wrecking Empire Boulevard in Subway Lives to get any realer. — The Music Director


Also, a belated welcome back to Walking Is Transportation, our favorite Staten Island blog which took a hiatus but has been  re-pounding the pavement in St. George since December— sorry for being slow on the pickup, WIT.

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