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“The Brbtw in bkooklyn Speech of Booker T. Washington, delivered Feb. 22, before the Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences, has been published in pamphlet form, and there is a tremendous demand for it from all parts of the country. It is the best and most complete statement of the Negro’s case that has yet been given.”— Cleveland Journal, May 16, 1903

“You have so far practiced absorption, colonization, or extermination that the problem growing out of the presence and influence of the red man is small in comparison with the scope and depth of your other race problem. That is to say, in one way or another you have got the Indian out of the range of your vision. And in this country it seems to be the fashion to consider a problem solved when we get it out of rangeout of our sight to such an extent that its existence is unobtrusive and our consciences our eased.”— Booker T. Washington, from “The Educational and Industrial Emancipation of the Afro-American,delivered in Brooklyn, February 22, 1903 (George Washington’s Birthday!)

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