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pilfered pupThis isn’t funny so try not to laugh: Flyers festoon the walls, lampposts, electrical boxes and kiosks of downtown Athens, GA, where the the pollen is also abundant. At first I thought this was a goof— wait, wait, Bandita was stolen?! But that’s because my Spanish is rusty and in fact, bandita is not a girl bandit, as the person who only took French at Lafayette High School (le mot to Sandy Koufax and Rhea Perlman) might think. Anyway, in the hope this helps the dog, her owner and the authorities—


“Drunk college guy was seen unclipping her leash and runnin off with her.”
Name: Bandita
3 months old, 10 lbs
Stolen April 3, 2008 [Note: I think this should be 2009]—Editor
Around Midnight in the Square
If you have any info please call 248-219-9025
Ask 4 Raina

WWIB thanks its readers in advance if they might be of some assistance in this case.— Hahira Barney Lakeland, reporting from Athens, Georgia

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