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Ask for mauby and ye shall receive… mauby, sorrel, ginger beer & at the conclusion of WWIB’s brief tribute to former Guyana President Janet Jagan, I expressed the hope that Suzanne Wasserman‘s documentary about Janet— who was also her cousin (but that just got Suzanne access; Janet and her husband Cheddi’s stories are amazingly their own and need no special pleading except imperial empathy, a natural resource the United States often lacks), would be screening soon. Well soon is here ya’ll and deep in the heart of it too.

Late President of the Republic of GUYANA

WHEN: Sunday, APRIL 26, 2009
TIME: 2:00-5:00 pm
WHERE: YORK COLLEGE {Lecture Hall 3D01}

94-20 Guy R. Brewer Boulevard, between Liberty and Archer Avenues

Directions: By Subway: All trains that stop at Jamaica Center {Parsons/Archer}
By Bus: All buses that stop at Archer Avenue and Parsons Boulevard

 The documentary Thunder In Guyana will be shown

Although physically closer to African diaspora polyglot and largely ‘hood class Suthphin Boulevard (well known to 50 Cent and Lenny Bruce fans alike, including the handfuls of people of who enjoy the work of both), this is close enough to the completely bananas Liberty Boulevard (Indo-) Guyanese food scene it’s worth the trip just for that, whatever that might be: Liberty pretty much has it all, including tons of fish, bakeries and— I swear— one of the greatest (Halal) fried chicken joints in the city. The last also sells a wide array of anti-American imperialist literature and videos, which I decline to purchase. The critique might be spot on but I’m not looking for answers in the words of any gods. — Caz Dolowicz

Dallas Penn Runs Queens: If not impossible, it’s wrong to talk Queens culture without acknowledging the authority of Dallas Penn, who led a Sneaker Fiends Unite! mission to Jamaica back in January (lotsa video here). Just yesterday Dallas used some kind words about  New York Calling as the jump off for “Big City Of Dreams”; much oblige and word to the Lemon Ice King of Corona, if I’d known DP then, I’d absolutely have hit ‘em up to contribute to New York Calling. Had that been the case, Dallas and Suzanne might already know each other but, as it stands, I suspect the two filmmakers +++ are meeting for the first time now. Not that I don’t love Dallas’ more guerilla documentary work but, sitting here at main branch of Brooklyn Public Library in camouflage cargo shorts and a #34 Charles Oakley jersey, if I wanted to make a case for the man’s more formal genius (his word game is a whole other story too)… Ladies and gentlemen, once again, please give a warm Brooklyn welcome to…

Dontrevius Wenters!


Part two of Draft Daze, made in collaboration with filmmaker Terrence Elenteny, can be seen here. — Brian Berger

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