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Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn Who is Winsor McCay and why is he saying such terrible things about me? Why did I, Caz Dolowicz, just awake from a dream of a rarebit fiend? (She looked eerily like Mae West.) How did Windsor McCay die and when? What did he think of John Y. McKane, or did he even think of him all? If McCay went to Coney he should have! Both Winsor McCay and John Y. McKane died in Brooklyn and each was buried in Brooklyn too. Brooklyn, Home of Little Nemo’s Big Sleep. Can you dig it? Can we dig ‘em up?! — Caz Dolowicz


r dotCongratulations to Jonathan Lethem and Farel Dalrymple, whose Omega The Unknown comic was recently nominated for an Eisner Award in the “Best Limited Series” category. Although Jonathan’s work in the comics field didn’t make it into “If Dean Street Could Talk,” my Stop Smiling magazine interview with the author, gimme another page and it would have. Also, not to diminish an Eisner nomination— especially since I know little about it except Eisner in Yiddish means Bronx—I’d be even more thrilled if Omega The Unknown were nominated for a Harvey Award, since Harvey Kurtzman (not Van McCoy) is from Brooklyn. Do it— do the hustle!

Who’s the greatest comic artist of all time? According to comics authority Dallas Penn, it’s John Byrne. Omega The Unknown, meanwhile was published by Marvel, of which Dallas is no small fan. Finally, while Jonathan is better known to the public for his admiration of Ralph Bakshi (especially Heavy Traffic (1973)) and his one-time obsession with Star Wars… Dallas is right there with him, although his Bakshi joint is Coonskin (1975). — Brian Berger

Caz Dolowicz was born on Sands Street in 1923; his all-time favorite comics are Krazy Kat, the original Mad and various Tijuana Bibles.

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