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the front pageUptown, Hazel Scott was big excitement for some of the biggest Hollywood stars. Franchot Tone was mad for her, Burgess Meredith, the biggest society playboys in New York. All looking for big excitement, and she was.

Franklin D. Roosevelt Jr. had a crush on her. He liked her so much that he brought his mother, Eleanor Roosevelt, to meet her one night. He wasn’t planning to marry her [Hazel], but among other things he thought she was a very exciting entertainer. He wanted his mother to hear, and, I suspect, to show her this integrated nightclub. Mrs. Roosevelt was championing equal rights for Negroes and women, and we were presenting black and white talent to integrated audiences in honest, attractive surroundings. Without exception the nightclubs were mob-financed, with gangster types much in evidence. I was told Mrs. Roosevelt had never been in a nightclub in her life, and as far as I know she never went to another. Whether Hazel had an affair with Franklin Jr. well, I couldn’t say because I didn’t see it. — from Cafe Society: The Wrong Place For The Right People (University of Illinois Press), by Barney Josephson with Terry Trilling-Josephon

See Terry this Monday, April 27, at Barnes & Noble at 1972 Broadway (Island of Manhattan) at 7:30 pm, in conversation with Tom Santopietro.


Willis Still Sunsweet, Music Director adds: There’s a Charles Mingus composition called “GG Train,”  which was one of the subjects Brian Berger discussed with Justine Carroll: Pride Of The Eastern District . More recently, Justine offers power to the poor people– for free!

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