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mustWhat do I know about Queens? Besides every goddamn splinter in the boardwalk between Beach 116th and Beach 88th streets, and the memory of the mysteries (to a little kid) of Spanish girls at Playland, not too much. If that’s still a little more than, say, a “neighborhood blogger,” well… I thought that all city kids had higher aspirations, even if it wasn’t too much higher than not running into your boss as you ducked out of (or into!) Peepland or Show World during a dreary Midtown temping gig circa 1994. I’m not entirely clear on the details but Queens-native and Brooklyn Tech legend Mr. Dallas Penn had his own share of street adventures before his rise to the type of Internets Celebrity who’s interviewed by 215 Mag. Yes yes, a question from the Canarsie kid in the back: “What the fuck is a 215? I thought Queens was all about 2-15 36th Road Place, or maybe it was 21 Dash Five 3-6 Avenue Circle?”

Joseph Anastasio knows Queens geography. Straight out of Astoria via, I think, the High School of Art and Design (like Ralph Bakshi, Lady Pink and Mobb Deep), comes Brooklyn Queens Freight, which does for NYC photography what the spray can did for paint. Don’t ask me what that means but if the “official” cultural-historical apparatus of this city knew what was really good they’d be reaching out to Dallas and Joe to present, lecture, teach,  appear on this panel or that, be interviewed on the radio. Instead they trot out some tired “authority” on nothing but their own bullshit sense of self-importance. Those who don’t know history aren’t just doomed to repeat it, apparently, but are sanctioned as some kind of “truth” when in fact, they’re not goddamn close to any such thing. This is the difference a “neighborhood blog” and the world. —Kenny Wisdom


Kenny Wisdom grew up in Ozone Park, Queens and Marine Park, Brooklyn. A graduate of James Madison High School and a Brooklyn College dropout, he remembers Kool G. Rap and DJ Polo.

Photograph by Brian Berger

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