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How do I even explain Combat Jack? Fuck it, let the man speak for himself on the subject fellow BK native and music biz veteran Kedar Massenburg who— hip-hop history alert— among other things is the brother of Daddy-O from Stetsasonic… just say Stet! I keep meaning to do a Stetsasonic throwback drop since the young people seem to know mostly (the genius of) Prince Paul but all three Stet albums are burners which range from a decades-old hard city R&B tradition into a future most people are still trying to catch up to. Such eclecticism was likely their demise but that’s only speculation. Combat Jack has no need for guesswork and on the chance CJ’s industry stories seem too esoteric, here’s a story with a little sex in it, and maybe the wife of  New York Calling contributor (“Speaking Truth To Power”) Armond White‘s not-favorite filmmaker too. Go in, CJ, go in!

It might be a bit early to proclaim Coney Island MC Torae among the borough’s all-time finest but— as with Williamsburg’s Joell Ortiz— I dig the kid’s energy so much I’m happy to wish him the best. I’ve only heard a few clips so far but Torae’s new album on Duck Down, Double Barrel, with Toronto-native Marco Polo producing, should be pretty damn hot. (Speaking of which, don’t sleep on Welcome To Bucktown, the first proper and very funky solo album from General Steele, better known as half of Smif N Wessun.) Long time readers might recall “When Fort Greene Is In The House,” where after a blast of subliminals at various unnamed fools of the blogidad, Marco Polo teamed up with long-time BK hero Masta Ace. Below, a Canadian goes to Coney Island by way of Philly… gimme that apple! — Willis Still Sunsweet, Music Director


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