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Speaking of Red Hook Raiders*, there was some unusual activity in the neighborhood of Pioneer Park this Friday Night, which isn’t to say redhookems-wwibunique just… unusual. With the exception of our respected colleague and recent interviewee Lost City Brooks,  WWIB has had just about zero use for any of the Red Hook or related blogs that have existed to date. The reasons and manifold and if ya’ll know one that’s been worth more than dogshit to the potential entirety of Red Hook’s history (not just white people with money and a few leftover Italians) please comment and I’ll  happily amend this assertion. (See “What Color Is Your Red Hook?” for former WWIB food writer Angry M.F. Fisher’s stab at the issue of Red Hook and environmental racism; Angry is currently in the Peace Corps in Togo of all places; that’s “Para” in Spanish!) Meantime, reader Lorraine Otsego sent us an interesting photo with a brief note reading as follows:

Friday night, Red Hook Houses: I got here late but the 7-6 was, Hostage Negotiation truck,  Emergency Service which you can see and the air bag too. An officer was also leaning out one of the windows above and to the right with what the kids I was talking to said was  a camera— they knew! I won’t speculate as to the rest of it but it was a suprisingly quiet scene and everybody I talked to was cool. Didn’t notice any press there so we’ll see what happens: prolly nuttin’ is my guess.”

* Also Engine 202, Ladder 101 of the FDNY.

What does it mean to Superfund Gowanus? Found In Brooklyn is on the frontline of recent efforts to have the toxic Gowanus Canal named a Federal Superfund site and to that end, she has been doggedly exposing the lies and propoganda being spread by a fatuous national real estate developer  and a local undertaker well known for nurturing delusions of grandeur at any price; in this case, well… Let FIB tell it:

Superfund Gowanus Airs Tuesday

As The Gowanus Turns

Many props to all those throughout South Brooklyn and else for exposing the fraud that is Toll Brothers, Buddy Scotto and all related or complicit parties, including numerous local politicians who will pretend anything but the truth. — Hahira Barney Lakeland

bloombergdisgrace-wwibQueens Crap For Pope! We don’t even know if they’re Catholic or interested in the job but you’ve heard it everywhere: Impeach Bloomberg, Fuck Bloomberg, Bloomberg is Corrupt & Corrupting, ad nauseum. Praying hasn’t done shit but since reform politics might, I’m delighted to report Queens Crap has endorsed Tony Avella for Mayor, a fact which I happily explained to the young lady trying to make a buck “campaigning” for Man Who Would Be King outside the Brooklyn Public Library last week. I felt badly that this otherwise nice person’s fortune— or lack thereof— was such she had to stand there handing out lies, lies and more lies… IN FRONT OF A LIBRARY FACING SEVERE BUDGET CUTS?! What the fuck? She had no answer, and of course there is none except the venality of power. Attention Nazli Parvizi! I may be old but I can still share the anger. —Caz Dolowicz

Caz Dolowicz was born on Sands Street in 1923; later, he was the first atheist Polish Catholic to run the projector at a  Knights of Caz Dolowicz stag party. Lili St. Cyr steal my heart— still!

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