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Caz Dolowicz notes: The following post originally ran on June 21, 2007 but since there’s some noise about the 20th Anniversary of Do The Right Thing coming up— including a Long Island University panel appearance by our man Dallas Penn (see below for details)—I figured this is a good time to bring that beat back. Ideally I should it have done it a couple days ago but my ideals are in the shop in Flatbush. Personally I think Spike is very hit or miss and ooof, are his misses fucking lousy but DTRT is still a scorcher. Oddly, I don’t think She’s Gotta Have It, which I liked a lot at the time, holds up well— great to see black folks on-screen but funny Spike was also kind of callow— while He Got Game and Bamboozled are better than I thought. Jungle Fever sucks, Crooklyn would be much more better without the jive-ass Top 40 soundtrack and Clockers is especially divisive. Dallas regards it highly, former City Sun arts editor Armond White does not. Personally, I found Harvey Keitel’s overacting un-fucking-bearable and cracked my ass off when Brian Berger mocked it in the photo captions to New York Calling, although the film did have other merits, sort of like Fort Apache: The Bronx. There, the Bronx rules, Paul Newman is aiiight and Rachel Ticotin hot as hell but Danny Aiello was so goddamn awful… Sal’s Pizzeria deserved to be torched! Two slices.

Most folks here at WWIB have a lot to say about this epochal slice of LI to BK history but for now let it be known that I, Berenice (The Abbott)/BZA also has more than a little empathy for Brother Spike— not her favorite director but terrific here— shooting a summer video in… winter  (or is it early spring?) light. But as the words above the Puerto Rican flag (at 1:19 to go) say: do or die. Curious how few people will mention this to ya’ll today, you say what is this?!


Where’s Mars? Brooklyn Honors Spike Lee
The Man and the Brand: Spike Lee Panel

Spike Lee Screening Room
Brooklyn Campus of Long Island University
DeKalb Avenue @ Flatbush Ave Extension

Thursday, June 25, 2009, 7PM, with featured panelists…

Nelson George
Michaela angela Davis
Kevin Powell
Roger Guenveur Smith
Danny Simmons
Dallas Penn (hells chea!)
Moikgantsi Kgama

Berenice (The Abbott)/BZA was WWIB’s photo editor 2007 through early 2009; currently picking her feet in Poughkeepsie, she can’t say why.

Caz Dolowicz was born on Sands Street in 1923 and still owns at least half a dozen records that Spike’s dad, bassist Bill Lee, plays on.

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