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(Or, The Education, & Dinner, of Caz Dolowicz)

Street Dude: What you doing on our turf, punk?
Caz Dolowicz: I got a rainbow for Smokey.
Dude: Give it to me.
Caz: You Smokey, man?
Dude: Gimme it!
Caz: If you ain’t Smokey, it’s not your motherfucking rainbow.
Dude: Motherfucker I said gimme the rainbow.
Caz: It’s from Willis Still Sunsweet, in Dallas (ll).
Dude: Blogga, you been busted?
Caz: Yeah, the man got me.
Dude: Well, I ain’t got no time to fucking play with you. Now give me the rainbow.
Caz: Willis is at Magic David on Fort Hamilton getting meatball heroes, he told me to tell you motherfuckers to keep it cool. He’ll be out one way or another, quick.
Dude: Damn!


Born on Sands Street, Caz Dolowicz has been putting it where the sun don’t shine since 1923.

Both photographs by Willis Still Sunsweet, 27 June 2009

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