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A Brooklyn Man Says He Is Confident
He Met One While Fishing


Mr. M.A. Russell, of 188 Bridge street, says that he and two companions, while fishing on Sunday, about 7 A.M., off Long Beach, saw a sea serpent. There were on the boat at the time a dozen bottles of lager, some ham sandwiches and a box of cigars. Mr. Russell was in the bow experimenting with a bottle of lager when he saw a dark object moving rapidly through the water, curving its back like a serpent. It was apparently about thirty yards long. The under part was light gray. Mr. Russell did not observe any scales. The head was above water, the eyes were long, black and almond shaped. The gills were full of red stripes. From the name of the neck downward there was a growth of green hair. The head was like that of a serpent, but was not flattened on top much. The animal blew foam out of two holes above its mouth with a hoarse, roaring sound. It was headed for Fire Island and was in sight two minutes. Mr. Russell did not catch any fish. It was as much as he could to catch his breath.
Brooklyn Daily Eagle, 5 June 1888

Caz Dolowicz, born on Sands Street, has been landing the big one since 1923.

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