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brooklynpotato-wwibScaly Mountain, North Carolina As the world awaits the final editing and design of Brian Berger’s epic second interview with Unplugging Philco author Jim Knipfel, tentatively titled “Welcome Back, Gotterknipfel,” I send heavily Sands Street-accented salutations and a postcard from somewhere in Macon County. Former NBA point guard Spud Webb, one might recall (and Dallas Penn surely will), went to North Carolina State, where his coach was Long Island-native Jim Valvano. It’ s been a long time since I gave even half a crap but back in the day, New York hoops was hardbody, straight down the line. Raise your hand, how many of ya’ll shaved crazy shit in your heads like Anthony Mason?! I sure did and so it was I had some real bad feelings towards North Carolina when Mase got traded to the Charlotte Hornets for Larry Johnson, tho’ barbecue and tantra lesssons from a Cherokee— both NC and Native American— woman I met at Roll ‘N Roaster in Sheepshead Bay helped me get over ‘em (true story). How many of ya’ll remember rooting for Larry Johnson? Knowing how brilliant he had been, it was never easy; he had the spirit but his back wasn’t willing. Hell, I thought 1998-1999 was going to be the death of me but then I recalled how cancer got Jim Valvano back in 1993; he was 47 years old. Fuck cancer! Carly hearts Spud and Walt Frazier was never discombobulated. —Caz Dolowicz

Retired MTA tower operator Caz Dolowicz, dancing and prancing since 1923.

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