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Caz Dolowicz is back! And wherever he was— be it Otto, North Carolina or Hull, Georgia; in the forest alone singing Goethe or in the back of the WWIB promo van with your mom listening to Willie Nelson— at least Caz was there, more (or, on occasion, like when the goddamn van wouldn’t start at Rockaway Beach, slightly less*) where he wanted to be. Such is not the case for all of Brooklyn’s creatures, as seen yesterday on flyers posted in the vicinity of 2nd Place, 3rd Place— ya’ll know the “milieu,” even if you’d never say “milieu” except in mocking jest (not even in Ville Platte, Louisiana, or Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, or… Flatbush).



Please Please PLEASE Help Find
Very shy female cat (small calico) with tags.
If you see her please call 347-782-1025
or 718-855-1025.

+ Big Reward!

If nothing else, ayo, South Brooklyn get the money.

Caz Dolowicz was born on Sands Street in 1923. A happily retired MTA tower operator, he lives in Bay Ridge with his three cats, Percy, Kingfish and Mango.

* Mom took the subway back!

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