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Then late in the morning of Saturday, December 28, 1936, when the Knishe Queen announced the coming of the three new flavors (apple-cherry, sour lemon, nutty onion); after Jerky Jacob the Old Clothes Man sent out postcards to his best customers (“I am right now in a good position to make VERY terrific deals on gamps and vestovers); two months after Mrs. Merz finished up her mourning and moved into the junior rooms at 1864 Brighton 7th Street; a few days only since Dr. Ringelman pleaded with Mrs. Lichter to ease off her girdle so he might check her for pyorrhea; the week that Mrs. Flicka’s middle girl, Tova, was interviewed outside S. Klein’s by “The Inquiring Photographer” (“Yes, if we had a strong love bond I would certainly marry an unemployed fellow. Because this is a depression, which can keep a fellow unemployed, even if he has initiative. Say I happen to have very fine assistant-bookkeeper experience if a prospective employer sees this); also the week Hymie’s bubbee was observed packing her bloomers with peanut brittle in the S.S. Kresge near Ocean Parkway;
— Wallace Markfield, from Teitlebaum’s Window (1970)


“The Plotz Against Amber Tides,” Brighton Beach 2009, by The Inquiring Photographer. Reproduced by courtesy of Amber Tides.

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