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And if ya’ll don’t believe me, here’s the proof— 100% Playground, accept no imitations, although if ya’ll are going to make a food run to Avenue L in between games of handball, please bring back some tasso,  a plate of grillot, a little fritaille, a half order of lambi if they’re cool with that, two orders of shrimp, that salted codfish, eggplant and carrots dish— what’s it called? Legim ak mori, right. Also some fritters, coconut water and a bottle of Ting but if they don’t have Ting ask for ji chadek and get some seltzer at the corner.  Hurry, I’m starving!

Speaking of Haitians, WWIB is more than a  month remiss in welcoming the relaunch of Combat Jack’s Daily Mathematics, now with CJ’s brother Blackneck as esteemed collaborator. For those who missed it, the dynamic duo rolled out the welcome mat July 6 and have been challenging, amusing, educating and celebrating America, Brooklyn, hip-hop and the internets ever since. Long may they prosper!
— Willis Still Sunsweet, The Music Director


Photograph, “On The Really Real,” Canarsie, Brooklyn 2009, courtesy the artist

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