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It’s been the same every August 22, or at least since then Brooklyn Borough President Sebastian Leone decreed it so in 1976: John Cazale Day! Less than two years later, the great actor was dead: the bone cancer. Director Sidney Lumet (b. 1924, and greatest maker of Brooklyn fims in the sound era*), the once formidable Al Pacino (fuck Carlito’s Way and its epigones, a horrifying notion), World War II veteran Charles Durning (b. 1923)— even Bernie Taupin and Elton John all survive him.  True, some of Elton’s scarves could probably stand to be dry cleaned and part of 9th Avenue– where the exterior shooting took place– had its name changed to Prospect Park West but Dog Day Afternoon itself is surely eternal. In New York Calling, loudmouth Brian Berger declares it one of three defining New York films of the 1970s, while elsewhere, that book’s dope essayist,  musician and writer Paul K. (Kopasz), claims to have composed over a dozen songs based on “Amoreena” alone. (On certain dissolute days they shared, Paul used to play with the recently deceased Rashied Ali, John Coltrane’s brilliant other drummer.)  While it’s doubtless many other Brooklyn-based radio stations, blogs, magazines, newspapers, community theater groups, softball leagues, photographers, graffiti writers and freestyle rappers will also celebrate the occasion (a few days late pass is alright too), the spirit of John Cazale remains fresh enough that WWIB is happy to be in da club.**
— Willis Still Sunsweet, The Music Director

* Wildly hit-or-miss (even in the same film) Spike is second
** Family Day, August 30th!

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