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Deep in feverish preparation on the WWIB float which will soon be rolling up Rockaway Parkway and onto Eastern Parkway (with music by DJ Coconutter), so this is just quick. However, if like me ya’ll find yourselves fiending for sustenance and are somewhere near 1222 Nostrand in Flatbush, let me recommend SAR Restaurant, a Guyanese joint of indubitable quality, including the souce. What’s SAR stand for? I didn’t ask! For the Haitians among us and everyone else too, Perpetual Restaurant & Bakery #2 at 1914 Nostrand has at something ya’ll need. DJ Coconutter would testify if her mowf wasn’t still chomping on griot. Careful Coconutter, scotch bonnet peppers are hot!
—Willis Still Sunsweet


Willis Still Sunsweet is just The Music Director around here; he graduated from Edward R. Murrow out on Avenue L and went home to Canarsie right afterwards.

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