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Flash! Flowers. Candles. Bikinis. Thongs. Glitter. Poetry. The WWIB West Indian Day Parade float has them all and more— especially spondees, candles and flash. A funny thing happened on the way to botanica row on Rutland Road yesterday. DJ Coconutter stopped in for a drink at the Keg Lounge on East New York Avenue and never came back; Caz Dolowicz stayed hydrated the old fashioned way, with Ting, from the Betta For Less Grocery And More, repping Grenada to the fullest, as ya’ll can see. “Woo Ting!” Amber Tides shamelessly exclaimed as she took the photo, which would have been crazy had Willis Still Sunsweet not just rolled up with the new Raekwon— the real thing, in all its shrink wrapped, heavy purple glory— in his now highly desirable Music Director palms. Where did he get it? What does it sound like? Will DJ Coconutter recover in time to play “Black Mozart” by the time we get to Eastern Parkway? These questions— and more!— have but one answer: I dunno.
— Kenny Wisdom


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