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Wanna meet the Chef? The good folks at Basement Mix records, 329 Crescent Street in East New York, are hosting hip-hop’s man of the hour today from 4 to 6 pm. Be there, especially if you know the neighborhood as City Line (which it also is)  and hell, make Raekown American music’s man of the week— goddamn, make him man of the year, pa! (Short for pa, not Pennsylvania, best known for its Civil War battlefields, nor the Port Authority bus terminal, best loved for having the genius of Show World as a neighbor when Only Built 4 Cuban Linx came out: four tokens, please.) because I highly doubt ya’ll will hear a better album this this year. Fuck the Beatles (still) and Jay-Z (again), the Bangladeshi food alone on Liberty Avenue is better than both of ‘em with about one-jillionth the hype and lies. That biryani is the truth and Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… Pt 2 amazingly is too. Just ask DJ Coconutter (prolly still wearing her “Kiss Me, I’m Goat Roti” t-shirt from Monday), who might just be recovered in time to make it to Crescent Street herself.
— Willis Still Sunsweet


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