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carnarsie hat day 1

They say it dates back to Lene Lenape times, before there was a Brooklyn and before Kings County too. No Fort Hamilton, no Floyd Bennett, no two-fare zones, no factories; there was a St. Finbar (Feastday September 25) but he didn’t have a school, a flea market or find your best friend and your first cousin making out in the Bath Avenue Casa Calamari still in their Catholic School uniforms. Kids!! I was one too, of course, and older than that is la cucaracha, and Canarsie. Canarsie? Ya’ll have read it here often: Canarsie in song; Canarsie in literature; Canarsie for Christmas and below, Canarsie in hats. Canarsie and Kevin Walsh? You bet! Not for the first time, nor the last, the beloved Webmaster of Forgotten New York has ventured forth unto the holy Rockaway Ave, Glenwood Road, Varkens Hook and even the mighty Jerry Building. The Sisters at the orphanage said, “God moves in mysterious ways.” Others, including myself, heard it as “The Irresistible Lure of Canarsie.”
—Caz Dolowicz

canarsie hat day 2canarsie hat day 3canarsie hat day 4

Caz Dolowicz was born on Sands Street in 1923. Like others of his stature, he wears a pearl-gray homburg.

BREAKING NEWS!! The one and only Kevin Walsh, formerly of Bay Ridge, will be appearing THIS Monday, 14 September, for his exhibit at

Quinn’s Gallery
4th Floor
35-20 Broadway
Long Island City

peep the Greater Astoria Historical Society for details.

See the John Huston directed, Conrad Hall cinematographer Fat City (1972) for more; opening below.

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