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Glamour and Venal, Teen-Bop Beauty continue to un-man too many. Why, right this morning on Plain American Family-Viewing TV (“The Today Show”), Henry Miller, That Kindly Ass-Man Grandpa, was jawing with Norman Mailer: “Christ, did you see that boy in the movie of Death In Venice? What a boy! I could have fallen for him myself.” Beware the puer, Henry. Look what that ice-dolly Tadzio did to poor Dirk Bogarde— made his make-up melt and his heart stop. “O Love, O Love, O Hairless Love…”
Jonathan Williams, from the introduction to Uranian Roses (1977) by Tom Meyer

Although I’m not 100% certain, it’s highly likely Jonathan was playing with the chorus of “Loveless Love” by (more or less) W.C. Handy, itself based on the volk tune “Careless Love.” If Willis Still Sunsweet was here, he’d say the version in Jonathan’s head was probably sung by Louis Armstrong. Puer Pops, baby!  (Probably.)
—Kenny Wisdom


Photograph “Love Fucking Henry On The Floor” by Amber Tides, courtesy of Caz Dolowicz

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