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330 Blind in Boro Making ‘Weapons’ For Armed Forces

Cashmore Urges Brooklyn Support Drive For Unfortunate

Some 330 blind men and women of Brooklyn, “making  weapons of a sort for our men in the services,” are engaged almost exclusively in war production, Borough President Cashmore said in an appeal for the 1942 Brooklyn Week for the Blind last night.

The borough president said the drive will be inaugurated at the Hotel St. George, April 28, by Mrs. A.L. Marka.

He said: “This year, with the trend of world events what it is, the work on behalf of the blind is more important than ever. There have been drives of all kinds, each important, and, perhaps, because of them, there is a tendency to forget the needs of these men and women who are less fortunate than ourselves. Nevertheless, there is a definite duty imposed upon us in Brooklyn to continue our assistance to these victims of an everlasting blackout.

Proud Individuals

“The majority of the blind in Brooklyn are proud individuals; they are self-supporting; they seek no special favors; they ask for no treatment other than that which they are rightfully entitled; they do not ask for sympathy; they desire only to earn a decent living.

“Brooms, deck swabs, mops, pillowcases are just as much part of the equipment of war as guns and tanks. planes and ships. These blind men and women are working six days a week turning them out by the hundreds of thousands for our fighting forces.

“Every one must realize that this year we must be sure this great contribution which the blind are making to the war effort is sustained.”
Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Sunday March 22, 1942

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