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Held For Masquerading As A Soldier

Twenty-two-year-old James Legosso, a “soldier” long a familiar figure in the Fort Hamilton section, will explain in Flatbush Court today why the cap and button insignia on his uniform belonged to a marine uniform, why sleeve chevrons indicated a sergeant major’s rank and where he got three medals which he proudly sported around town.

Legosso, who lives at 1243 61st St, was arrested by Patrolman Leonard Abazzio, who had become puzzled about the irregularities of the outfit. When questioned, Legosso said he had been discharged from the 27th Division, Alabama, about a year ago, but had kept the uniform so that he could go to the movies “on the cuff” and enjoy other soldiers’ benefits.
Brooklyn Daily Eagle, 21 March 1942

On November 21, 1933, ten-year-old Caz Dolowicz saw Duck Soup at the Brooklyn Paramount, twice, after which his three greatest sexual fantastes were Joan Blondell (The Public Enemy), Barbara Stanwyck (Night Nurse) and— god yes— Margaret Dumont. He thought he was pretty sophisticated, for a kid. Then in the Spring of 1936, Caz saw Desire with Marlene Dietrich and didn’t know what to think!

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