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Have you ever been to Hawaii? I mean Hawaii— or Hawai’i— “the big island,” as they say, because Hilo is there, although Magnum lived on Oahu, and the University of Hawaii  Press is there too, in Honolulu. I’m not sure where Hawaiian punk/noise band the Fuckin’ Flyin’ A Heads came from; neither of the two books I have at hand from or about Hawaii, Peipei Qui’s Basho and The Day: The Zhuangzi and the Transformation of Haikai (U of Hawaii Press, 2005) and The Journals of Captain Cook mention them at all. If I was online, I’d probably check the Hawaii Punk Museum but since I’m actually dictating this post to Caz from the bus station in Dubuque, Iowa (don’t ask, except White Man’s Ice Is Colder indeed, brrrrr), I can’t say for sure. Likewise, it’s unclear to me why Brian Berger recently wrote about Max Roach for a website called HiLoBrow, because we all know Max was from Bed-Stuy (word to Boys High) via a brief stay in coastal Pasqoutank County, North Carolina. Choppin’ cotton don’t be slow— better finish out your row! — Kenny Wisdom

Kenny Wisdom can’t rhyme like Oscar Brown Jr.— very few folks can. When not freezing his ass off in the Great Midwest, he lives in Flatbush, nevertheless.

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