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The arrangements on the second— and top floor at 37-57 82d Street were little, if any, short of ideal. The offices of Dr. Harold Schwartz, a chiropodist, occupied the front of the modest structure a block off Roosevelt Avenue in the heart of Jackson Heights, a prosperous middle-class residential district in New York City’s borough of Queens.  Adjoining his quarters was the small, windowless room in which petite, pretty, redheaded Marie Mae Gazzo gave electrolysis treatments, through which the roots of unwanted hair are surgically destroyed by use of an electric current. In this room, and the two behind it, was to take place one of the most savage and baffling double slayings in the history of the metropolis. — Steve Lennon, Detective Cases, August 1956


Petite, pretty redheaded* Toni Schlesinger will give four of the most savage and baffling performances in the history of  metropolitan theater  soon. Finger your rosary beads, brother, and pick yourself up off the floor; a bunch of stand-up dames will be there, you want to make a good impression. See “When The World Broke In Two— A Visit With Willa Cather” at the Metropolitan Playhouse

Jan 22 – Friday, 7 pm
Jan 23 – Saturday, 4 pm (please note the afternoon time)
(no Sunday, Jan 24 performance)
Jan 25, Monday, 7pm
Jan 26, Tues, 7 pm

* I’m guessing; in fact, I’ve never seen Toni without a hat, usually a pearl gray homburg, and the few times I believe we met, she only used her code name, “Vic”; short for Victrola? Toni looks pretty tall too, but that’s part of her disguise.

Dolly Parton of Locust Ridge, Tennesee, then Nashville, once made records for RCA Victrola. In the early years, some of them were quite excellent. Brian Berger explains, at hilobrow.com, tell ‘em old Caz sent you. — Caz Dolowicz

Caz Dolowicz knows how much you loved him, mama, and was born on Sands Street in 1923. Soon he’ll be swimming in the Gulf of Mexico with photographer Amber Tides and assorted pearl gray dolphins.

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