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Boys, 9 and 10 Years Old, Are Arrested as Burglars

Police Accuse Them of Stealing Jewelry Worth $500 From Brooklyn Dwelling

Two of the youngest burglary suspects wih whom Broolyn police ever had to deal were arrested yesterday and charged with entering the home of John Bliss, at 935 St. Mark’s Avenue.

The first prisoner charged with the robbery was named Edward J. (“Red”) Gardner, nine years old, of 955 St. Mark’s Avenue. He made a defense that baffled detectives who questioned him, until they accused him of having robbed a child’s toy bank. This he indignantly denied, and named Earl Jeffs, ten years old, of 953 St Mark’s Avenue, as the looter of the bank.

The loot collected by the boys included a gold watch and chain, two lavallieres and a gold cigarette case, valued in all at $500. It was recovered in the cellar of “Red’s” home.New York Herald Tribune, July 10, 1921

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