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The gods were seated near to Zeus in council
upon a golden floor. Graciously Hebe
served them nectar, as with cups of gold
they toasted one another, looking down
toward the stronghold of Ilium.
The Iliad by Homer, translated by Robert Fitzgerald

‘Don’t bother to heat the wine for me,’ said Bao-yu. ‘I prefer it cold.’

‘Good gracious, that will never do,’ said Aunt Xue. ‘You musn’t drink wine cold, or when you write your hand will shake!’

‘I’m surprised at you, Cousin Bao!’ said Bao-chi, with a smile. ‘With all your enthusiasm for out-of-the-way learning, fancy not knowing this! Wine has an exceptionally fiery nature, and therefore must be drunk warm in order to be digested. If it is drunk cold, it congeals inside the body and harms it by absorbing heat from the internal organs. From this day on you must reform! No more cold wine!’
The Story Of The Stone by Cao Xuequn, translated by David Hawkes


Mr. Hugh Murray, residing on Washington street, was howling drunk in front of the bridge at 8:15 o’clock last evening. He was also cheering. Policeman Donnelly told him to stop and he hit the officer in the mouth. Judge Walsh this morning sentenced Murray to pay a fine of $10 or go to jail for ten days on the charge of disorderly conduct, and will give him a hearing later on a charge of assault.
Brooklyn Eagle, December 27, 1888

“Abrubtly, and with oblique intent to ruffle,” (again, The Iliad) Brian Berger’s enthusiasm for what Hugh Murray might have called “get the fuck out of my way learning”  has twice more revealed itself at hilobrow.com, this time in the warming forms of Gene Pitney and Anaïs Nin. What the …? As it was sung, nessuno mi può giudicare! — Kenny Wisdom

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