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Ignorant of the ways of publicity and chance alike, I’m unsure how these things happen but HiLoBrow.com has just been named by Time magazine’s Best Blogs of the Year . I could make up some things but not that! We’ve been meaning to catch up with WWIB’s  recently elusive publisher, Brian Berger, who doesn’t answer the phone, won’t say where he lives and, if he replies at all to e-mail, it’s gibberish like “Dude, I’m a historian— Pickett’s charge had no chance!— Remember Mother Jones in Colorado? At Coney Island?!— Give my love to Stumpy; Sandy sends her best.” Her best what? Among Berger’s fellow HiLo contributors, by the way, are Luc Sante, once a poet, and philosopher Mark Kingwell but what any of ‘em have to do with the price of apple butter in Prospect Heights I just can’t say. Perhaps there are clues among the following:

composer and pianist George Walker

composer Charles Wuorinen

writer Randolph Bourne

musician and writer Tom T. Hall

MC Melle Mel

writer and activist Gary Snyder

musician Charles Mingus

musician and composer Artur Schnabel

musician and poet Gil Scott-Heron

artist and educator Josef Albers

poet, photographer and publisher Jonathan Williams

musician and activist Harry Belafonte

writer Anais Nin

pop singer Gene Pitney

writer James Joyce

writer Richard Brautigan

blues musician Elmore James

country musician and icon Dolly Parton

jazz musician and activist Max Roach

Not a bad list, I’ll admit, but it’d be nice to know how Berger got these assignments, and why, by my reckoning, Max Roach is the only Brooklyn native. — Caz Dolowicz

Caz Dolowicz has been from Maine to Mexico but was born on Sands Street in 1923. No way he could pick just one favorite Harry Belafonte song but Jamacia Farewell might is one of ‘em.

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