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Speechless? Almost! Dallas explains more and a brief— and exclusive— interview with Brian Berger follows.

Kenny Wisdom: Dallas Penn speaks often of “the lifestyle”; what do you know of such things, B.?

Brian Berger: Not much; when I was a kid I wanted an Adidas sweat suit but never did have one;  later, I had a few Polo shirts.

Kenny: Any nice pieces?

Brian: No, no, just regular short sleeve cotton Polo. I grew up around a lot of Italians and we all wore pink, sometimes popped collars.

Kenny: Nothing wrong with pink.

Brian: As for ‘the lifestyle,’ I leave that Dallas, the great Sean Price and others; I was in and out of ‘the lifestyle’ before I even knew there was such a thing.

Kenny: How so?

Brian: I worked for Polo, man! Well, not really but I did work in the Polo section of a department store as a kid.

Kenny: Really? What’d you do there?

Brian: Mostly try to read, and listen to Mets game on the radio. The Polo department was the only one in men’s and young men’s which had its own separate room and stereo.

Kenny: When was this?

Brian: 1985, 1986 or so. You really didn’t want to be lisening to fucking pop music then, except for Prince.

Kenny: I always make an exception for Prince.

Brian: Also, I won’t dare compete with Dallas stuntin’ but, somewhere, I’m pretty sure there’s a picture of young me in a pair of red Oakley eyeshades.

Kenny: I wonder what the foam sweat pad smells like today.

Brian: Staten Island, probably.

Kenny Wisdom is re-reading Frederick Douglass today; Brian Berger is a regular contributor to HiLoBrow.com.

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