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The courtroom now turns into four o’clock on Christmas afternoon 1986 on Seventeenth Street in Park Slope. Bill Laux, of 510 Seventeenth Street, was down the block at a friend’s house when his wife, Dottie Laux, called and told him to come home fo Christmas dinner. At this hour they were cooking up and down the block, including at Good Nicky Guido’s house. Laux walked up as Nicky Guido and his uncle came out of the house at 512. Nicky had on a white zippered jacket that a girl had given him for Christmas. He and his uncle met their neighbor. Everybody said hello. Nicky took his uncle across the street, where he had his new Nissan sports car parked. They got in, and Nicky was gleefully showing his uncle the inside.

Nobody noticed the large old Cadillac that came slowly down the street. The driver parked in front of Nicky Guido’s, and then two men got out and here they came, one on the street side, the other on the sidewalk.

Nicky Guido did exactly what everybody would expect him to do. He threw himself atop his uncle just as the men started shooting.

—from Jimmy Breslin, The Good Rat (Ecco, New York: 2008)

In the spring of 2006, Denis Hamill of the Daily News recalled Nicky Guido of 17th Street.

Scan of Brooklyn Public Library book— which is well worth buying too— courtesy Caz Dolowicz (retiree).

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