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April 21st [1862]

Weather cool and chilly   Has rained for five days an the roads are impassable   This is the most Godforsaken country I ever saw    We move camp about every day and in the woods all the time    This is one vast graveyard and shall we never get out of it   The rains have washed the earth from the dead men and horses   Skulls and toes are sticking from beneath the clay all around and the heavy wagons crush the bodies turning up the bones of the burried, making this one vast Golgotha   Sometimes our tents come over a little mound where sleep some unknown soldier who had died for a principle but his servivors [sic] have not even marked his last resting place or given him the burial of a faithful dog What a mockery these lines seem—

“Blest are the brave who sink to rest
With all their Country’s wishes blest”

— from The Civil War Diary of Cyrus F. Boyd, Fifteenth Iowa Infantry, 1861-1863 edited by Mildred Thorne (Louisiana State University Press, 1998)

Kenny Wisdom traces three ancestors to the Brooklyn 14th.

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