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Lee Sing and Miss Liberty Produce Patriotic Chop Suey

Lee Wong Sing took a walk Sunday and, thanks to his own restless spirit, thanks to the Fourth of July, and thanks to the burning patriotism of the reporters at Brooklyn Police Headquarters, it landed him on the front pages today.

Lee Wong Sing is 11 and came to this country three month ago from war-torn Canton to join his father, Charles Sing, who runs a laundry at 124 Herkimer St.

Lee likes this country so well he is inclined to roam around the city, while his father tears his hair out. He has been missing four times.

Sunday, Lee and his father visited friends in Manhattan’s Chinatown. Lee went to a Bowery movie and that was the last his father saw of him until today.

Somehow, the Children’s Society got him and kept him at the Schermerhorn St. shelter until a Chinese interpreter could learn the landmarks near Charles Sing’s laundry and enable agents to bring Lee home.

This is where the patriotic police reports step in. The boys got the usual police slip at Headquarters but today is the day before the Fourth of July.

What, then could be more patriotic, reasoned the reporters than a trip to the Statue of Liberty?

That was the reason, the boys felt, Lee had heard of the Statue of Liberty and wanted very desperately to see the lady in the harbor. Only he got lost and he couldn’t tell people in Chinese about his wish.

That’s the story and that’s how Lee his the front pages. Lee’s father today disabused a reporter for the Brooklyn Eagle, who had been sent to take the boy to see the Statue of Liberty. Lee’s father wouldn’t allow the trip.

Brooklyn Daily Eagle, July 3, 1940

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