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Can’t Buy Zoot Suits Any More But Many Try, Say Boro Tailors

“They are outlawed, and you can’t buy ‘em more.”

That’s what Myrtle Ave. tailors and clothiers have to say of the once in-demand zoot suits. The War Production Board has turned thumbs down on the patch pocket and the flowing back variety of the lounge drape coat and the pleated and balloon shaped pants. Too much waist and waste, they say.

“These zoots are just as popular as ever and there is a great demand for them,” one of the tailors said. “But too much fabric is involved, and they simply cant be bought. If restrictions keep up as they have in the past, sharpies and others others of the jitterburg type will be fortunate if they can sport even a pair of tights.

While all of the tailors dream of the day when restrictions will be lifted on the ankle snug and loose-at-the-knee garments, with colorful and roomy jacket, they agree that the WPB order was a sensible one. The male of the speices really looks better in an ordinary suit than in the sleeping bag suit of another day, they agreed.

Brooklyn Daily Eagle, September 7, 1942

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