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DESCENT ON A DISORDERLY HOUSE— A FILTHY DEN— Sergeant Crafts of the 42d Precinct, with officers Pearce and Price, made a descent last night upon a disorderly house kept by a woman named Elia O’Conner at the rear of the house No. 77 York street, and arrested three women of bad repute, named Jane Morrison, Bridget Daily and Catherine Cully, who were found there. The place has been complained of several times by the people residing in the vicinity as an intolerable nuisance, and last night, and last night the attention of Sergeant Craft was called to the place by the  noise of a fight which was apparently going on inside. Procuring the other officers to assist him in arresting all the parties, the officer entered the house, and came in view of a most disgusting spectacle. The four women were in a beastly state of intoxication, nearly denuded of their clothing, and heaving everything moveable in the house at each other. Some men had been in, but succeeded in getting out before the arrival of the officer. The women were all taken to the station house, and the morning they were brought before Justice Perry, and sentenced to three months imprisonment each in the Penitentiary.

Brooklyn Daily Eagle, July 2, 1863

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