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The Southerners have fortified Columbus, Hickman Chalk bluff, and New Madrid so that the Gun boats at Cairo could not even attempt, or if allowed to pass could not return. To carry these Forts a large a large land force is indispensable, and where is it— Halleck now could not detach from Missouri 10,000 men— and from the garrison of Paducah, Cairo & Birds Point might collect another 10,000, but we know in Columbus alone they have 22,000 besides the garrison of Chalk Bluff & Hickman.

— William Sherman to “My Dear Brother,” John Sherman; written from Benton Barracks, January 8, 1862. From Sherman’s Civil War: Selected Correspondence of William T. Sherman, 1860-1865 (University of North Carolina Press).

Hank Mobley recalled Charlie Parker too.

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