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Ayo Podiatry

or, as Centipede reminds us, the wheel is an extension of the foot: try try try as we might– & believe us ya’ll, we try plenty– it seems darn near impossible to find a single piece of so-called “street art” in the ‘hood. This is strange, given the claims that proponents of “street art” make for its interest in effecting thought & sometimes even action in public spaces but maybe we just don’t “get it.” Or perhaps nobody informed these sham revolutionaries that New Lots & East New York ain’t, say, Seagate: anyone can get in the game here. Why the dynamic Brooklyn street artists of our gilded age have chosen to exclude themselves from the communities around this stop on the L train remains a question unanswered. Meanwhile, among those who are getting up is the cheeky writer known only as Foot: long may he or she prosper, away from both provincial cant and the all-city Vandal Squad, huzzah.

climbing the wallsputting our foot down

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