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I suppose that I owed it all to General Butler— Beast Butler, as they used to call him in New Orleans, and as far away as London, after his notorious General Order Number 28, that any woman showing contempt for any officer or man of the Federal forces should be treated like a woman of the town plying her vocation. Or to go back a step before, I may have owed it to the New Orleans lady, whoever she was, who got on the horse car– they were really mule cars— one fine spring morning with her little girl. Or back another step, I  may have owed it to Flag-Officer Farragut’s fine gold braid, which was an invitation to a little girl’s fingers, when he sat down beside her. She stroked the braid, and said to her mother, “Look, pretty.” At which, the conqueror patted her on the head and called her a dear little child. So the patriot mother spat in his face, and Butler issued the order.

And then one day I came walking down the street…

— Robert Penn Warren, from Band of Angels (1955).

Also: Raoul Walsh looking pretty, according to HiLoBrow.com.


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