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In Lucas, Kansas

Samuel Perry Dinsmoor
built a “Garden of Eden”
containing among other thins
trees, sidewalks, fences, flower beds,
fish pool,
bird and animal cages
U.S. flags,
a “Goddess of Liberty”,
soldier, Indian, animals, birds,
a monument showing
“The Crucifixion of Labor”,
angels, the Devil,
Adam & Eve,
the Serpent,
Cain & Abel
and a visitors’
dining hall.

All these things
are constructed in cement
and by 1927
he had used over 113 tons
or about
2237 sacks
of cement.

Photo by
Glenn R.


— Jonathan Williams (Truck Books, 1977)

“In Lucas, Kansas”: devotees of grass-roots art may have a big time traipsing around Kansas. Not only is there the Dinsmoor phantasmagoria, there are things in Humboldt (by Dave Woods), Belle Plaine (by David Rousseau), Wellington (by C.E. Tracy), and Wilson (by Ed Root). I also have a report on a curious Victorian grave in the town of Hiawatha. —JW

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