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Schoolgirls for Mob Criminals

By the time her old man found Mary she was hard as nails and twice as tough, she didn’t like it for nuts. I could hear them yelling back and forth from the next room, and a couple of times I looked through the keyhole and watched them.

The old man was walking up and down the room, yelling and waving his hands and the ends of his moustache stood out like a puppy’s ears. Mary was sitting on the bed, and betweem swigs of rye was telling him where she got off.

“What the hell of it— supposin’ you don’t like what I’m doing. It’s my own life— I like it this way. Ware you gonna do about it?”

“Do?” her father shouted. “I’ll do plenty. I’ll bring the police up here. They’ll know how to handle you and the scum who brought you here. No matter how rotten and diseased you are, you’re still my daughter, my own flesh and blood. And I’d rather see you dead than like this.”

Ha-ha-ha! You give me a laugh, you old dodo. Me and my scummy friends! You’d like it better, I suppose, if you knew I was workin’ in some lousy five and dime store for twelve bucks a week— after I finish high school and college. I don’t need any more schooling for what I’m doing around here and you’ll never see me again.”

Suddenly there was quiet. I looked through the keyhole again and I made out the old man standing by the dresser. There was a bottle in his hands and I knew without even seeing what it was. It was the pills Doc left behind or her to take so’s she could get a quick cure of what was ailin’ here and get back to work. Sulfanilamide. It would fix her up quick, he said, not like the old times when you had to keep goin’ to the doctor for a year…

— from “Schoolgirls For Criminals” by Susie Donnell, Real Crime Cases, March 194??. Published by Fireside Publications, Ltd., 135 Yonge Street, Toronto, Canada.

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Caz Dolowicz adds: some people like true crime, some people like Jack Soo, some people like both.

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