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Terra tuum spinis obducat, lena, sepulcram,
et tua, quod non vis, sentiat umbra sitim;
nec sedeant cineri Manes, et Cerebrus altor
turpio iciuno terreaat ossa sono!

May the earth cover thy tomb with thorns, thou bawd, and may thy shade be parched with thirst, for thirst thou hatest. May thy ghost find no rest among thine ashes, and my vengeful Cerebrus fright thy dishonoured bones with hungry howl.

—from The Elegies of Propertius, Book 4, translated by H.E. Butler (Loeb Classical Library, 1912)


“‘Hi glamorpuss,’ Slothrop said. Her name was Cynthia. He managed to get a telephone number before she was waving ta-ta, borne again into the rush hour crowds.”

—from Thomas Pynchon Gravity’s Rainbow (Viking Press, 1973)


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