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Like a BK Desert Rat

the Music Director adapts to any habitat: It’s pretty tough to talk or write about about hip-hop critically as it’s a form marked by exceptional fanaticism & ig’nance both; that it’s also, in part, a hyper-popular form (unlike say jazz or folk or garage rock), only compounds the difficulty. Being a Kanye West consumer doesn’t mean shit (except ya’ll taste ain’t ours), nor Curtis (which we vastly prefer) by itself, likewise the latest, overrated (but well promoted) albums from such “conscious” (more marketing) dudes as part-time Brooklyn-resident Common & genuine BK-native, Talib Kweli. The recent news that Jay-Z has a new album forthcoming prompts memorories of Nas’ “Ether” here first: Fuck Jay-Z (& fuck real estate shills who publish unchecked broker lies as truth). Where are we going with all this? Hell Razah, like Al Capone and Hubert Selby, Jr., a product of Red Hook, South Brooklyn, released one 2007′s very best hip-hop albums this past winter. Talib himself is on the song “Project Jazz” & spits just fine. This ain’t much of a no-budget video but here, guests Timbo King (Brooklyn), Tragedy Khadafi (QB) & R.A. The Rugged Man (Long Island) are even better. (We know, we know: R.A. is tough to look at but ya’ll gotta listen, the man’s brilliant on the mic.) While we can’t promise how things will end up on December 31, Hell Razah Renaissance Child is top of the heap in Brooklyn hip-hop this year (just above Killah Priest The Offering and Sean Price Jesus Price Superstar) & well within the top ten nationally. Drop a gem on consensus reality & …


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