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Help Wanted

available!Snake, wrong place, wrong time: Help wanted? I was told it was hep wanted so with my finest Gene Vincent swagger, I trod into deepest Bushwick looking for action– hell, it might even be Ridgewood. What I found was something else: the forlorn remains of Brooklyn’s once roiling textile industry. Not that it’s  all gone, by any means; signs like the very rusted one here saying “Operators Wanted” can be found in many parts of Brooklyn & Queens, often in Spanish, other times in Chinese. Of course, industrial isn’t as sexy (sic) as residential, nor as affluent, so it gets vastly less media attention. Might be an ethnic thing too, who knows? Ask BZA about when she used to make deliveries to the knitting factory on Carroll St just east of 3rd Ave in Gowanus, crazy stuff & it was not that long ago either.  Me? Still lookin’ for hep.

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