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Romance Sin Finance

cerveza madnessDear Sir: Now I guess our little romance has finally simmered down. You should join the circus; you’d make a real good clown. Your eyes look like a roadmap, I’m scared to smell your breath. You’d better shut your peepers before you bleed to death. Don’t roll those bloodshot eyes at me, I can tell you’ve been out on a spree. It’s plain that you’re lyin’ when you say that you’ve been cryin’. Don’t roll those bloodshot eyes at me.

Yours in Sunset Park,

Berenice (The Abbott)/BZA


File Under Clam of the Forsaken: in one of our admittedly infrequent shows of allegiance with the “local blogging community” (sic), WWIB recently did a guest spot at the mighty Found In Brooklyn, with whom ya’ll should check in regularly for all of your South Brooklyn r&b, honky-tonk, garage, ’60s pop & punk rock scavenging needs. Tbivalve curious?hat the editor there– not at left, btw, that’s just a random bivalve– actually knows the city– even Queens– in a personal, empathetic, weird way free from both the lies of real estate & the blight of internet self-importance is a near-startling thing. Other blogs might be more upscale, materialistic, dopey & boastful but they’re a lot less fun.


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